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Why use an escooter?

Upgrade from your kick scooter and start going longer distances quicker without using your car. It’s quicker, more convenient and better for the planet.

Plus, unlike your car you can easily fold your escooter up and carry it around until you’re ready to use it again.

An escooter has a tonne of other features and benefits:

Speed: Reach speeds of 15mph to get where you’re going quicker without getting stuck in traffic
Safe: Anti-slip handles and stable design means you can ride safely. LED and taillights make sure you’re visible for motorists and pedestrians wherever you go
Portable design: Need to take your escooter on a train or store it in an office? Easily fold it up into a compact, storable piece of kit
Longer use: Energy can be stored and recovered when you speed up and regenerate when you brake so you can ride for longer
Reliable controls: Rear disc breaks and anti-lock eABS means you’re always in control and pressure sensor accelerating and a single power button means you can stop and start with ease
Adaptable power: Reduce fatigue with easy to use cruise control or saving some battery power with eco settings

FAQs about escooters


Is it legal to use an escooter in the UK and Ireland?
It’s illegal to use an escooter on public roads, pavements, in cycle lanes and in pedestrianised areas. The Government did bring forward trials of legalised escooter use on roads in “4Future Transport Zones”. But this only applies to escooters used legally as part of these trials, for the duration of the trials.Laws could change to make escooters legal for use on roads and cycle lanes from Spring 2022.
Do you need insurance to use an escooter?
Yes, you will need motor insurance.
Is there a speed limit for escooters?
Yes, the max speed for an escooter is 15.5mph according to the government. In some areas this may be reduced to a lower max speed.
Do I need a driving licence to use an escooter?

You will need a category Q entitlement on your driving licence to use an escooter, which means you can drive a “2-wheeled and 3-wheeled vehicle without pedals”.

 This includes restrictions like:

  • An engine size no bigger than 50cc if powered by an internal combustion engine
  • A max speed of 15.5mph

 Or you will need a full or provisional UK driving licence for categories AM, A or B.

Do I need to display L plates on an escooter?
No, if you have a provisional licence you don’t need to display L plates.
What are the rules if I have an overseas driving licence?
You can legally drive an escooter in the UK if you have a full, valid driving licence from an EU or EEA country if it doesn’t prohibit you from driving low speed mopeds. You can also drive an escooter if you have a full, valid licence from another country that includes permission to drive a small vehicle and you came to the UK within the last 12 months.
Do I need to wear a helmet when using an escooter?
It’s highly recommended that you wear a helmet when driving an escooter.